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Please introduce you and your website.

Kigu was founded in 2009, becoming the first company in Europe to sell Japanese kigurumi, kickstarting an animal onesie craze in the UK and beyond! Besides selling kigurumi, Kigu established the famous "Kigu Party" where kigurumi lovers can wear their latest pieces and party together, with music provided by some of London's best underground DJs.

Please introduce you and your website.

There are two things which distinguish Sazac's products from those of any other company. Firstly, the quality is a cut above anything else on the market. The material is so soft and comfortable and the products incredibly hardwearing. The second element is the designs. The designs are amazing and so varied with fantastic attention to detail.

Please tell me the reason why you began your website.

We instantly fell in love with Sazac's products and couldn't believe that they were not available to buy outside of Asia. We were going to a lot of festivals and parties and knew that these would be the ultimate costumes for people to wear. We saved up a little bit of money and bought 300 back to the UK. They sold out instantly and we knew we had discovered something really special.

People in Venice, California wear weird things to the beach. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, one day we showed up in our tiger and penguin kigurumis that we found in Japan. We fit right in with the eccentric and quirky Venice scene and even stole some of the glory from the guy playing Jimi Hendrix on his guitar while rollerblading dressed in an American flag. Anyway, the attention we got inspired us to put this little shop together where you can get your own kigurumi and stand out from the crowd…

The quality of the Sazac kigurumi is unmatched by cheap imitations. Attention to detail and high quality material are central to SAZAC’s designs, but you won't find these things with other brands. SAZAC kigurumi are made to withstand the wildest parties and the most intense cuddles. owes its beginnings to those harsh Canadian winters spent cuddled under blankets watching movies at friends' houses. We realized that we’d have a lot more fun keeping ourselves warm and cozy in Japanese kigurumi, but we couldn’t find them anywhere in Canada! Some of our friends expressed interest in them, too, so we decided to start a little side business bringing onesie magic to whoever needed some cheering up on those cold winter nights. The rest is history!

We’ve been growing non-stop since our conception in 2011 and are now the largest distributor of SAZAC kigurumi in Canada. The unbeatable quality of SAZAC products has kept our customers coming back for more, always happy with their kigus and ever so intrigued by the constant influx of amazing new designs! We absolutely adore what we do and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can expect a wide variety of characters and designs that you’ll be searching for hours trying to find the best one! Not only that but you can wear them at any time and at any season! On top of having a wide variety of characters and designs, we can also versions for all seasons so you don’t have to worry about being too hot or being too cold. As distributors, we also received a special mark directly from SAZAC, giving us authorization to distribute and sell these items online. We want to keep our customers at ease and let everyone know that these are the real deal! No counterfeits here! Our goal is to share our Japanese culture and spirit with everyone and to let everyone know that our Kigurumi are the only ones you can truly trust!

Flow of purchase

For Individual customers

We are very sorry.
Unfortunately, SAZAC does not have the retail consumer.
Overseas agent to be introduced in the following,
or please buy from a retail store in Japan.

For Individual customers

I will introduce the agency of SAZAC.
They correspond to wholesale sales in their own country.
Please take a direct contact to them. Thanks in advance.

Here is some entrance to the overseas agancy site. Here we go !!

  • kigurumi-shop
  • Kigu
  • kigurumiparadise
  • SAZACtaobao
  • kigurumi

How to order

Please choose articles you like from the catalogues.
Please fill your order q'ties on the ORDER SHEET (you can see it in this file, next spread sheet), and send it by fax or e-mail(email preferrable) ; pls be sure to mention your contact details.
We will check the availability of your ordering items and get back to you with confirmed C&F price, total order amount together with our bank account details.
Please make advanced TT payment to our bank account.
We will arrange the shipment upon confirmation of the payment.

Our contact details

Telephone81-6-6260-7375AdressOsen bldg.3F, 4-16 Azuchi-machi,3-chome
Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0052 Japan



Further Information

SAZAC has celebrated 20th anniversary on 20 June 2016.

Also we pursue the genuine,

we'll will walk together with you from now.

Special thanks for everyone!                                  June 2016





Abroad regular agency information

As you know, we SAZAC have the regular agency abroad.

At present, it is the three countries following.

You can find the official mark on these site.

Of course, it is a unique mark that other companies can not be published.










Please noted.  May.27.2016




KIGURUMI of SAZAC has been uploaded to the NYLON SHOP!    DEC.18.2015




Apology for our costomers               7.SEP.2015

Currently,It is a state that can not log in to the image browsing and inquiry.

We have to modify the home page of the bug.

It takes some time until complete recovery.

We are sorry for the inconvenience to you.






***Latest information guidance***

SAZAC will exhibit at Japan Expo 2015.

Dates: July 2 to July 5, 2015

Venue: Paris-Nord Villepinte

Booth NO. 5A-I 113 (Stand by Samurai market)


                                                                      ↑ Image shot last year(2014).






①About the site claiming to SAZAC 【China and South Korea】

  A: (Korea)
   B: (China)

We have no relationship between SAZAC and these sites. 

It had entered into an agency agreement in the past with A.
Also, with B, there was buying and selling through distributors in China.
However, they broke the contract with us.

Please do not purchase the product from their site.
At least, they don't sell genuine SAZAC at all now.

If there is any questions, please contact the address below.


②About the issue of certification mark

















Warning(Fake Caution!)

There are manufacturers that unauthorized use of the brand SAZAC.
There are products that mimic the SAZAC animal.
I will introduce an example of counterfeit products.
If you would like to buy the genuine products of SAZAC,
Please contact the site that is being introduced in the banner above.

Other than what we've presented, various counterfeit products appeared on the world market.

Please be careful!!

【2635 Dinosaur】



● Material is different.
● Color of the button is different.
● Specification of rib hem and cuffs are different.
● Representation of the face is different.
● One with the dorsal fins is different.
● The size of the tail is different.
● A feeling of size of the whole product is different.




TEL:06-6260-7370 FAX:06-6260-7375


TEL:03-6712-6045 FAX:03-6712-6047